Always Here
Single Point of Contact
Always Here
Always Here

KEE’s Helpdesk service delivers a team of highly skilled engineers who know your business.

In effect it is your IT department, always there, on demand, ready to deal with the everyday problems that impede productivity.

Part of our engagement process is to understand how your IT infrastructure integrates with your business processes. After understanding this we deploy monitoring agents to warn of impending issues that could cause problems so we can get a head start in minimising downtime.

Our Helpdesk Service includes:

Telephone & Remote Service

On Site Support

24x7 Call logging

Fixed Price agreements

Loan Equipment

Full in depth site survey with recommendations for improvement

Dedicated Account Manager

We work with major industry names such as MIcrosoft, Cisco, Apple, Lenovo and HP.

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Single Point of Contact
Single Point of Contact

KEE’s Helpdesk service offers a single and final point of contact for any support requirements.

During our initial engagement process we audit all of the providers your company uses for support and capture the contractual information relating to these. This means that whatever the support issue is, the KEE Helpdesk will manage all 3rd party support requests through to their completion. No more service providers arguing over who is responsible - the buck stops with KEE’s Helpdesk.

Our engineers are skilled with all of the major vendors and technologies, including:








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